Check Out This Theme

I’m wondering if it’s actually possible to be in love with a WordPress theme. I mean properly in love, in the sense of wanting to spend the rest of your life with it. A few days ago, I would have said No, definitely not, but now I’m wondering.

You’ll notice that I’ve loaded a new theme onto the blog. It’s called Traction, and it’s by The Theme Foundry. This is the free version that you can see, but there’s also a paid-for version (Traction PRO – $48) which is more customisable. I will be buying that shortly.

It’s a fabulous, fabulous theme. Not only does it look AMAZING, but it generates the top-most menu automatically from the pages I have, and the cool-looking blue menu from my categories. You also have the option of having thumbnails, and a magazine-like layout, which I will be fiddling with shortly.

Wow, just WOW. The link to it is here, or just put “Traction” into the search box on your wordpress themes page.


How To Be Smart With Your Time

I’ve just finished reading “How To Be Smart With Your Time” by Duncan Bannatyne. It’s not the sort of book I normally read, but was a station purchase while waiting for a train. Much to my surprise, I found it excellent, and I’m applying tips from the book in my life and seeing good results already.

The book gives very much the same principles as any book along these lines – prioritisation, focus, deadlines, efficiency – but gives very concrete, simple and practical ways to put the advice into action straight away. Without having to stop to plan, without having to change your whole style at once, you can do some of the exercises, take some small actions, and see benefits.

I’d recommend the book to anyone who’s trying to juggle lots of tasks, or who seems to be always busy yet never seems to get anything done, or to anyone who just wants a better work-life balance.