Spa Day

Today I went for a spa treatment. This is very much “not me”. I’m a cynic about these sort of things. “Will give you younger, more radiant skin”, “Will leave you full of energy and refreshed”… These sort of claims make me sceptical. Good food, exercise, sleep and a win on the genetic lucky dip are what give you these qualities, not a mud wrap.

Nevertheless, I’ve just lost two stone (14kg) and I have two more to lose, and I’m at that stage where I look thinner but my skin is sort of saggy, which is a bit depressing, and I thought… What the fuck.

The place I went to is part of a chain, and the spa was very nicely decorated. Also very badly lit, in a deliberate, candlelight sort of way. I’d paid for a body wrap, but found when I got there that it included a facial and scalp massage as well. I suppose you’ve got to have something to do while you lie there covered in seaweed, clay and cling film.

The whole experience was a bit surreal, but I liked it. I’m not the sort of person who’s generally comfortable being naked (except for a pair of disposable pants) in front of a stranger, but it turned out to be fine. You get privacy to get undressed, and it’s so dark anyway that you don’t feel exposed at all.

Basically, you get someone making a fuss of you for an hour and a half. Body brush, rub, wrap, shower, another wrap, another shower, and then firming cream. While the wraps are going on, facemasks and scalp massage. It’s appealing in a primate grooming sense. There’s something very relaxing about another person fussing around taking care of you.

Do I look better? Not sure really. I feel better. I feel slightly pampered, in a good sort of way. I also feel very clean. Of course, that could be the fact that I’ve now had three showers today. But I think the cumulative effect has definitely done something to cleanse/exfoliate. I don’t really think anyone else would notice though, to be honest. Plus my sinuses cleared – I think one of the facials had a eucalyptus smell.

Do I believe the claims now? Did it work magic on my appearance? No, not really. Will I go again? Yes, I think so. When I’ve lost that next two stone, and I want a treat.


Resolution Updates

Back on March 1st, I posted my resolutions for 2014. It’s now the end of November, and I’m running out of time. How am I doing?


  • Cut out caffeine. Done. So done. I’m even at the stage that I can have an occasional coffee, in a restaurant for instance, without it triggering cravings again. I think this is down to…
  • Cut out sugar. Done – tentatively. I’ve completed a Whole 30, and I’m on my second. I’m loving it, and I feel so much better. But I would be lying if I said all my sugar cravings are gone, or that I can have sugar without it leading to more sugar. So for now – tentative, but still proud of the achievement.
  • Exercise. Nope. Got to work on this one. I’ve been doing some exercise here and there – more than I used to – but it’s not a solid habit yet. I’m doing P90 right now, hopefully when I get to the end of that the habit will be bedded in.


  • Tidy, simplify. Good progress. A bit of a cheat here: I moved house, and just didn’t take a lot of the junk with me. I was fairly ruthless about it. And in the new house, I’m making sure I have regular clearouts so that the junk doesn’t build up. But I’ve still got a few bits to sort out, so… Good progress. Maybe give myself 70-80% on this one.
  • Relaxation time. Hmm, it’s hard to call this one. I got made redundant back in July, and I’m going to be studying for a couple of years, so I have more time to relax. But that wasn’t the point. The point was to make time for relaxation, and treat it as a priority in my ‘ToDo’ list. And I still slightly tend to fill up my time. So I think I’ll call this one Not Done.
  • Get enough sleep. Mostly done. The Whole 30 is helping me sleep a lot better, as is installing f.lux and Twilight on my computer/tablet to avoid blue light in the evening. Again, I need to make sure this is a solid habit rather than just a feature of having some free time at the moment.

So overall, I’m not doing too badly. A few things I need to keep focusing on in December and into the New Year, but I feel fairly proud of myself. Of course, it’s important to mention that this all got helped massively by being made redundant and starting to study again, which means that I have much less stress and much more free time. Still at least I’ve used some of that time constructively to make some good changes.

Roll on December, and 2015!