Why I Like Working to Tight Deadlines

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve reached a realisation. I like working to tight deadlines. No, I love it.

Why, you ask. Let me explain.

Whenever I have a few weeks to complete something, I end up completing it at the last minute. Not literally – most projects take more than a minute. But I end up starting it about as late as is consistent with finishing on time. So, a one-day project gets started about 1-2 days before it’s due. And so on.

Now, clearly there are only two possible reasons for this. Either (i) I’m an idiot, or (ii) I like working to tight deadlines.

The first option is clearly impossible, because… er…. erm… ahem… (cough), so CLEARLY it must be the second option. I like working to tight deadlines. This is self-evidently rigorous logic, and in no way a post-hoc rationalisation for irrational behaviour.